Now Playing: mewithoutYou

My love for this band is no secret to those close to me. “Pale Horses”,  mewithoutYou’s sixth full length release, dropped in June from Runforcover Records. Anyone who has listened to mewithoutYou from “A to B Life” (2002) will be able to hear the maturation and growth the band has made in their sound. Each album is unique and yet connected to the others, as though there is a single common thread that is pulled through them.

“Pale Horses” has a reflective and quietness to it, even amidst Aaron Weiss’ earnest tone and the bands harmoniously chaotic sound. This track, “Mexican War Streets”, showcases this perfectly, and is one of my favorite tracks off of the album.

If you’re in the Philadelphia area, they’re playing at the Union Transfer venue on October 23rd and 24th with the Menzingers (listen to them, too). I’ll see you there.


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