Magical Realism and Twin Peaks


I don’t know when the hype about Twin Peaks started, but recently that’s all I hear. (Especially on the tumblr machine.) For a while I only viewed it as another 90’s comeback, both in its aesthetic and its popularity, but eventually I gave in and watched both seasons. (Available on netflix!)

My initial reaction was confusion. Twin Peaks is so bizarre and yet so normal at the same time. There is a murder in a small town, and an FBI agent is called in to help in the investigation. A simple enough premise, but what makes Twin Peaks stand apart is the magical realism that is woven throughout the plot. This, I believe, is most evident in the character of Bob, who inhabits multiple characters throughout the show in a type of possession.

There is also much to be said about Agent Cooper’s encounters with magical realism; his quirkiness and willingness to be open to the peculiar really creates a great juxtaposition between Twin Peaks and other television shows of the 1990’s.

(Except perhaps The X-Files, which I am also making my way through. Fox Mulder, though…)

I don’t want to divulge the entire plot here, or give away too much, I would just like to encourage the doubters out there that while there is a lot of hype, Twin Peaks is actually a pretty great show. The variety and complexity of characters and character development alone is worth giving the show a watch.

Illustrator Bunny Miele has created really wonderful caricatures of many of the characters seen in Twin Peaks (and also the X-Files, for those who, like me, can’t get enough of either). Take a look at her work! Her instagram is @bunnymiele , and she has a shop on etsy.



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