Holy Shit.

The past month has been a particularly insane one for me. There are a lot of changes happening for me, and through it all I’m trying so hard to remain positive and focus on the bright side.

My partner and I, of nearly two and a half years, parted ways recently. And while heartbreak is the fucking worst, I wish nothing but great things for him. People are messy. We aren’t meant to feel only one range of emotions, and for me this particular experience has allowed me to feel deeply emotions that I didn’t know I held within me, and I’m grateful for that. Even though it is painful.

I’m also feeling very restless with my employment situation right now. I’m a retail manager, and I am so very passionless about it. In realizing this, I am taking the biggest risk I ever have. I applied for a position in a different field, one that caters much more to my passion, in Richmond, Virginia.

I have no idea whether I’ll even get a call back about that position, but just applying has brought so much more hope to my life. The realization that I am the only one that can change my situation. If I’m unhappy, I can change that. I am in control.

With that may bring the option of moving- something I have never done either. (Apart from living at college, which doesn’t really count.) I’m heading down to Richmond in about a week to spend the weekend and reconnect with some old friends. I am hopeful that this trip will deliver some clarity to some large question marks that hang in the air.

Thanks for reading. Here’s some Bowie to cheer us both up.


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