Five Albums

I am turning 26 next month, which is scary as shit. Every year my age seems just a little bit scarier, you feel me?

Twenty-five has been less than kind to me and has been the hardest year of my life. I’ve been thinking a lot about Lindsay as a person, and whether I could define the 25-year-old-Lindsay with five albums. (Of course it wasn’t all bad, even though most of these albums are a bit of a downer.) So here they are, with just a little (but not too much) explanation and a link to the most appropriate song.

ablifeA To B Life // mewithoutYou
If you know me even a little bit, you just know.

Don’t You // Wet
Hopeful sounding pessimism.
These Days

I Never Learn // Lykke Li
This album is what heartbreak sounds like for me, and it’s just remarkable.
No Rest For The Wicked

Rented World // The Menzingers
How did they make cynicism sound so fun, though?

Peripheral Vision // Turnover
This album is so bittersweet. It sounds like February and wisps of happiness.
Like Slow Disappearing

If we’re friends please do this as well & let me know what your albums are!


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