I am a pessimist.

This is for me.

I have just started reading You Can Be  An Optimist by Lucy MacDonald.

The premise is that optimism can be a learned mentality, if one only has the will and determination to make that change. This book was an impulse purchase at Urban Outfitters (while I was also buying a vinyl record- two items that should probably not be purchased at Urban Outfitters), but I feel as if this could be a good thing.

Published in 2014, the book has a 4.05 star rating on Goodreads (with only 22 ratings and 5 reviews), and is written by a woman who has her own private practice in counselling so I’m leaning towards a “this probably isn’t just bullshit” mentality. Which I guess is, like, progress already??

Note to self. Report on findings after finishing this book.

Are you an optimist yet? (Probably not).

(I’m joking.)

If you’re curious: Goodreads // Amazon


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