Readers Block, S-Town, Tattoos, etc.

I am having a really hard time with reading this year. I was SUPER optimistic with my reading  goal for this year, and so far I’ve only read F O U R books. What? It’s April. What the hell.

I have a major list of to-read books that I’m very excited about, but lately I just haven’t been interested in reading. I’ve been feeling really down about work, and looking for a new job is exhausting, which I’m sure a lot of y’all can relate to.

In lieu of reading, since I spend at least two hours in my car commuting to and from work every day, I’ve been listening to podcasts a lot more. Most recently, like almost every one else not living under a rock, I’ve listened through the Serial/This American Life baby S-Town. Regardless of whether you were satisfied with the ending, you can’t deny the storytelling was incredible. Not since the first season of Serial have I been so enthralled by a story, and it felt really refreshing to step outside of my perspective and see into another. Along with my usual podcasts, I’ve also bee listening to Strange Nerve, a podcast by Taylor Madison of Superheaven, and Congratulations with Chris D’Elia.

On a completely separate note, I’ve decided to pull the trigger on something that I’ve wanted to do for a very long time now. I’m in the process of booking / designing a larger religious back tattoo. I’m not gonna post many photos, or allude too much about the theme, but this is something that will mean a great deal to me.

I post a lot of photos on my Instagram of the religious icons that I collect, but haven’t really been too real about my personal views on religion, and to be honest that’s something that I’m just not sure about yet. We are all works in progress, and my personal progress is learning what I believe and am comfortable with sharing. Ya feel?

With that, the books I’m currently trying to read are more oriented around religion, but not in a sappy, lame, Christian “God is Love” kinda way. More like, Peter Rollins, Rob Bell, Richard Rohr kinda way. Which is cool, right?



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