5 Thrifting Tips

I've been thrifting / antiquing / etc. for many years now, and I feel as though I should share some of my insider knowledge with y'all, kay? I've broken things down into 5 buckets. Budget When you first start shopping in secondhand stores, your tendency is to go ham. With clothing items priced 4 bucks … Continue reading 5 Thrifting Tips


recoMONDAYtion #1

I am in a rut. In all respects. SO, in order to push myself to become re-inspired by reading and living life outside of my bedroom, I decided to "launch" a new series where I recommend books every Monday. Because GODDAMN that's a good pun, right? This week, Ian McEwan's Atonement. It's probably my favorite … Continue reading recoMONDAYtion #1